Outdoor activities from Aldörrum

With a wide selection of routes for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders Aldörrum is the perfect base for a holiday. You can explore the beautiful rural landscape from region De Peel any which way you choose. There are also local opportunities for golf, skating, water sports or fishing.

In the field of sports, there is plenty to do. The Peel is ideal for walking and cycling. IVN Laarbeek and Natuurmonumenten organize several hikes in the various nature reserves in the neighbourhood. Information can be found on the website (www.ivn.nl/laarbeek) and (www.natuurmonumenten.nl/content/stippelberg-1). In nature reserve ’t Hurkske in Boerdonk and the Allemanspad in Someren province of Brabant and the national Park the Groote Peel in Meijel province of Limburg (www.wandelenmeteenbeperking.nl/wandelroutes) you will find accessible nature to everyone.

From Aldörrum we also organise various walking and cycling tours by ourselves. You can choose from several theme routes, for example the theme Culture and Art, Nature and Landscape.

Aldörrum ׀ Accessible nature for everyone near Aldörrum Aparthotel - Aarle-Rixtel, in the neighbourhood of Helmond, Eindhoven, Uden or Veghel in Holland.

On a guided tour in de Groote Peel.

Cycling and walking near Aldörrum

There’s great walking and cycling around Aldörrum. This route map shows the cycling and hiking routes in the immediate surroundings. These are official and well-marked routes that make use of the junction network, so enjoy a care-free day out!

Route map near Aldörrum.

Cycling and walking via the junction network in North Brabant

If you're a keen cyclist or walker and visiting North Brabant, you can easily find your way around using the intersection network: a network of beautiful and clearly signposted walking and cycling paths throughout North Brabant. Each intersection is numbered. You can cycle or walk from one intersection to the next, creating your own unique route.


How does the route map work

Slide the map around and zoom in and out to get a better view of the routes. The tabs at the top of the map allow you to switch between walking and cycling routes. Tip: would you like to plan your route ahead of time? Map out your walking or cycling route through North Brabant with the online route planner on www.routesinbrabant.nl.

Do you want a golf course to practice for your golf exam or to improve your short game? Just cross the street and there you’ll find a 9-hole par 3 course at the Heikant estate (www.landgoeddenheikant.nl). They also provide various other activities.

In the immediate vicinity of Aldörrum you will find activities centre Outdoor Laarbeek (www.outdoorlaarbeek.nl). In addition to the existing height track this Centre in Beek en Donk organizes outdoor activities for groups of all ages. They also provide activities for people with disabilities.

National Swimming Centre 'De Tongelreep' (www.tongelreep.nl) in Eindhoven has a variety of swimming- and exercise possibilities for people who rely on a wheelchair or people who have difficulty walking. The World Championship Swimming for disabled is held here.


Photo impression


The Netherlands has two types of through-going cycling networks, namely the regional cycling junction network and the national cycling routes (LF-routes.

Aldörrum ׀ Cycling - cycling routes


If you want to map out your own route? You can use the walking junction network. For your convenience, there are ´Green Public Bus Stops´. These are starting points that are easily reached by public transport.

Aldörrum ׀ Walking - hiking trails


For a nice golf weekend the Peel is a good region to come. The area is rich in golfcourses with different kind of obstacles and number of holes.

Aldörrum ׀ Golf - golfcourses

Horse riding

BBrabant is a real horse region. Several local stables offer horse riding on guided tours, catering from beginner to advanced. If you want to go on your own there is a horseriding network.

Aldörrum ׀ Horse riding - outdoor and indoor


Region De Peel has different recreation lakes with lovely beaches. The clarity and depth of the lake makes it popular with divers, wind surfers and it provides a wonderful venue for safe outdoor swimming.

Aldörrum ׀ Swimming - recreation lakes


At the Rooye Plas is a Waterski- en Wakeboardclub that possesses a ski jump and a slalom course.

Aldörrum ׀ Watersports - fishing - waterskiing - waterboarding