Scenic areas around Aldörrum

Situated on the edge of region De Peel, in a beautiful, green walking environment, Aldörrum holiday cottages and minicamping are the perfect base for a cycling or walking holiday.

De Peel region has many scenic areas within its borders which are very varied. Through each area there is a nice route by bicycle, on foot or on a horseback to follow. Typically are the cycle and walking network to determine your own route.

With nature reserve “De Biezen”, visible from our property, nature reserve “Grotelsche Heide” where Scottish Highlanders feed and the castle Croy estate on the doorstep.
Country estate Stippelberg, National Park De Groote Peel and Strabrechtse Heide are easily reached and contain a variety of landscapes and open spaces for you to enjoy.

Landscapes of De Peel

The common landscapes in Southeast of Brabant are sand and peat moor areas.

The sand landscapes are dominated by scattered farms with their own farmland. It is a varied landscape of fields separated by wooded banks, hedges and hedgerows. The fields are still recognizable by the high altitude. A landscape with lots of green and occasionally a large piece of woodland or heathland.

Excavated peat bogs where water and land meet each other give you a good impression of the typical landscape of legakkers (drying fields or levees) and petgaten (turf ponds). It is a vast and open landscape with long canals, straight rows of trees and plots. In Klotterpeel, Deurnese and Maria Peel and the National Park De Groote Peel you will find this ancient landscape type.